Chapter 133 - Release

Wordlessly, Cate raised herself upward, off of Jon’s cock. He let out a feral snarl at the feel of the cool air against his iron-hard, glistening shaft as she released him.

Jon yanked hard at his nylon restraints, desperate to free his hands. He needed to take charge, to grab her and pin her down and fuck her like an animal. Her exquisite, torturous tease had reduced him to just that: an animal. No… a criminal.

Cate bit her lip to contain her chuckle. Just a minute, Baby, she thought. Balancing herself with a hand on Jon’s hip, she swung her leg over him and gracefully slipped to the edge of the bed. Standing up, she turned her back on him and strolled to the foot of the bed, forcing herself to maintain a nonchalant façade. It was no easy task, considering she was about to boil over with desire.

It had taken every ounce of self-control Cate could muster not to slam herself down on Jon’s enormously-swollen cock and ride him like a bucking bronco. Her lips twisted into a wry smile. Jon may have defeated her self-control in every other way this past week, but for this one brief moment she had found it again. She was back in charge.

Fuck that.

Cate reached down to her belt, unsnapping the pouch containing her utility knife. She pulled the weapon out and turned, pushing the button to flick open the four-inch blade. Not daring to look at Jon’s face so he couldn’t see the intent in her eyes, she strode quickly toward the head of the bed.

Jon’s eyes flew open at the sound of the click and the sight of the knife. What the Hell is THAT for? He watched, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, as Cate extended her arm toward the bedpost, the blade in her hand. With a flick of her wrist she severed the nylon tether, freeing Jon’s hand.

Jon sucked in a sharp breath as he realized why Cate was releasing him. She wanted it as much as he did. And she wanted him to be a full participant. He couldn’t stop a low growl from rumbling in his chest.

Cate strode swiftly around the bed to the other side, freeing Jon’s other hand with another quick slash. She snapped the knife closed as Jon shifted on the bed, rolling toward her. Dropping the knife on the floor beside her, Cate stood breathless, staring into Jon’s blazing eyes.

In a quick motion Jon pushed himself up and swung his feet to the floor. He stared back at her as he pulled at the remnants of his shackles, yanking the nylons from his wrists and flinging them to the floor. His eyes locked with Cate’s, he stood, stepping up close to her.

Cate sucked in a sharp breath as she felt Jon's erection stab against her stomach, under the edge of her bustier. She hoped she hadn’t pushed him too far with her little game and pissed him off.

As if he was reading her mind, Jon reached up with both hands to cup Cate's face. Raising her chin, he dropped his lips to hers and kissed her slowly, deeply, wordlessly telling her he wasn’t angry at all.

Pulling his lips from hers, Jon tipped his head to rest his forehead against hers as he breathed heavily, his fingers caressing the line of her jaw. He trailed his hands gently down Cate’s neck, over her breasts, then down the seams of her satin corset. He dropped his hands to her hips, guiding her to turn around so her back was to him.

Then the Student became the Master.

In a swift movement, Jon reached down and grabbed Cate’s right hand. He quickly stepped backward, yanking her arm toward him and deftly twisting it up behind her back. His other hand grasped Cate’s left elbow, preventing her from turning away from him.

“FUCK!” Cate gasped in surprise as her eyes widened. Her first instinct was to shove backwards, hard, to knock her attacker off-balance so she could escape. But in a split second her desire overrode her training as she realized what Jon was doing. He was showing her he was ready to be the boss.

A smile curled her lips. She had taught him well.

Jon heard Cate’s throaty chuckle and he knew she was still involved in their fantasy. But now they were going to play the game HIS way.

He turned her toward the bed. With just a short step Cate’s thighs brushed against the edge of the mattress. She felt Jon's hand leave her elbow and move to span the back of her neck, his fingers tightening in a silent warning against resistance. She knew what he wanted.

Stepping her stilettoed feet out to shoulder-width apart, Cate bent slightly forward at the waist, arching her back and tipping her ass upward. The movement slightly alleviated the pressure on the arm Jon had pinned behind her back. She moved it slightly, loosening his grasp.

Jon realized he was going to have to release his hold on Cate in order to do what he wanted. “Don’t resist,” he warned her huskily as he lowered the arm he had twisted behind her back. His other hand flexed slightly on her neck, reminding her he was still in charge. “Put your hands on the bed,” he ordered.

“Yes, Sir…” Cate purred. She leaned forward and placed her palms on the smooth fabric of the duvet, bending further at the waist. She flexed her arms at the elbow, lowering herself closer to the mattress and forcing Jon to lean slightly forward to maintain his grasp on her neck. With the motion, Cate’s hair fell in a curtain over her shoulder, trailing down to the mattress and baring her back to him. She turned her head slightly as she spoke. “Like this?” she asked innocently.

Fuck, yeah,” Jon answered, his voice rough with want. He raked his eyes over her body, bringing them to rest on her luscious ass, her cheeks rounded and slightly separated due to her presenting pose. His throbbing cock was just inches from her center. He shuddered at the thought of driving into her and exploding in a surge of wet heat. But first he had to finish the game.

“Now,” he continued. “I’m going to search you.” He trailed the fingers of his free right hand across her right leg, tracing the band of her stocking around from the outside to the inside of her thigh. Then he moved his fingers up to the moist, slick flesh between her legs. He smirked as he was rewarded with a gasp and a small whimper as he stroked her drenched lips.

Jon chuckled wickedly. “Oh, it’s a body cavity search, by the way…” he clarified as he slid his index and middle finger up into her wet core.

Cate’s thighs trembled and her glutes clenched as Jon pushed his hand firmly into her, as deep as he could go. “Godddd…” the breathy prayer escaped her lips of its own accord. She tipped her head back and arched her back more as Jon curled his fingers inside her, his fingertips pressing on the magic spot. “OHHHH!” Cate gasped out at the sensation. Her knees felt weak.

Jon rumbled a growl from deep in his chest. The wait was killing him, but he wanted to give her a little taste of her own medicine. He started to move his hand, pumping his fingers rapidly inside her, rubbing against her velvet walls. “You like that?” he purred.

“Ohhh yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh……” Cate moaned, rocking her hips to the rhythm of his strokes. She braced her hands against the mattress and bucked back against Jon’s hand, heightening her arousal. Her throaty purr made Jon smile, even as his cock throbbed painfully.

“Good,” he rasped, then abruptly withdrew his hand. He smirked evilly as Cate whimpered at the loss. Then, just for good measure, he smacked her sharply on the ass.

Cate let out a little yelp at the stinging contact, jerking her head around despite his hand on her neck. She stared at him wide-eyed for a moment, then a little grin curled the corner of her mouth. “Man, I’ve got you dead to rights now,” she teased. “That’s a lawsuit, Officer Spanky. I OWN your ass.”

“The fuck you do,” Jon growled. "I own YOURS." With that statement, his right hand went to her hip, gripping her roughly as he stepped forward and thrusted hard into her.

“JON!” Cate gasped out in surprise, her knees buckling with the force of his thrust. Jon released his grip on Cate’s neck and moved his hand to grab her other hip. Holding her roughly, he partially withdrew then plunged again into her. Again Cate cried out with pleasure, drowning out Jon’s throaty moan.

Jon stood still, trying hard to hold on, trying not to cum, as his eyes slid down Cate’s spine. They traced over the white satin and black stripes, to the tanned skin below, to her tattoo, to her smooth, round ass, shiny with sweat and pressed firmly against the wiry brown hair of his crotch.

Unable to stop himself, Jon leaned back. He watched breathlessly as his swollen cock inched out of Cate’s pussy. The sight was so erotic, so deliciously dirty it caused a tiny pang of embarrassment to shoot through his consciousness. But he couldn’t look away as he leaned forward, watching himself disappear again inside her.

Stopping himself again as his thighs trembled, Jon raised his eyes to the back of Cate’s neck. Her head was down but turned slightly to the right as she listened for Jon’s next command, her lips parted and wet. Her shining mahogany hair cascaded over her left shoulder as her torso moved rhythmically up and down with her pants of desire.

Jon was momentarily shocked by how submissive Cate looked in this position. This wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to see her face, to watch her full lips pulse with her heartbeat, to look into those entrancing eyes as they swirled sapphire and midnight. He wanted to see into her soul as he possessed her body.

Jon took a step backward, withdrawing from her and releasing her hips from his grasp. “Turn over,” he ordered softly.

Cate obediently lowered her body onto the bed, shifting slightly upward so her hips were on the edge of the mattress. She rolled to her right until she lay on her back, her stockinged legs bent and her feet barely touching the floor. She looked up at Jon, a shiver of anticipation sweeping over her at the desire in his eyes.

Again raking his gaze over Cate’s sinfully sexy form, Jon felt a lusty surge in his groin. He couldn’t wait any longer. With a feral growl Jon reached down to grab Cate’s knees, pulling them upward into a bend until he could reach her ankles. He pulled her legs up to rest her calves against his shoulders, her stilettoed feet hovering behind his head and his sweaty hair brushing her ankles.

Jon leaned forward, his throbbing head once again finding her hot, wet entrance. His hard, sweaty pecs pressed against the backs of Cate’s legs as he pushed them forward toward her chest, bending her at the waist and fully opening her to him.

Knowing he was just seconds away from orgasming, Jon’s eyes moved to Cate’s face, taking in her flushed cheeks and pulsing lips. Their eyes locked and they wordlessly exchanged the same thought…. NOW.

Jon plunged into her, gasping as his abs impacted the backs of her silk-sheathed thighs. Anchoring her legs against his shoulders with a firm grip, Jon withdrew and slammed into Cate again. He leaned into her as he savored the feel of his shaft buried deep inside her walls.

Three slow thrusts were all Jon could manage before his control finally disintegrated. With a husky roar Jon pounded his cock into Cate’s pussy, the fantastic sensation overwhelming his senses. He had been so aroused, so on the edge for the past God-knows-how-long that he couldn’t even feel the warning signs of his ejaculation.

The room spun and he saw stars when it happened. With a raw-throated moan Jon felt the tsunami of his release surge forth. The intensity of the pleasure fully overwhelmed him. He was vaguely aware of Cate moaning his name and a vise tightening around his cock, then everything went gray.

Cate watched Jon’s face as his orgasm crescendoed. His perfect lips stretched into a wide “O” and his eyes rolled back as he grimaced with rapturous pleasure. He was so wildly, stunningly beautiful, caught in the throes of his passion, that she almost couldn’t breathe.

The feel of Jon’s ballistic release rushing forth into her was all Cate needed. Lightning bolts raced to her core, triggering her own climax. She moaned Jon’s name as she spasmed around him, matching his passion.

Jon heard a soft buzzing in his head. He blinked rapidly, trying to focus on something, anything. His sense of touch came back first. He felt something firm and slick pressed against his chest, then he realized his hands were clamped around warm flesh and rigid bone.

Jon shook his head slowly, clearing the haze. What came into view made his heart leap: Cate’s eyes, the smoky azure of a twilight summer sky, glittering with affection.

Realizing he was still holding Cate’s legs locked against his chest, Jon summoned the strength to move. He gently lowered Cate’s ankles from their elevated perch, sliding his hands over her legs to her thighs and guiding them downward on either side of his body until her feet touched the floor.

Without her legs to support him Jon dropped forward, bracing his hands on the bed on either side of Cate’s chest. He tried to catch his breath, his heart still racing from the intensity of their passionate coupling. He realized Cate was breathing heavily too, her chest rising and falling in unison with his.

“Oh…. Oh my… God…” Jon breathed, giving her a weak smile.

Cate chuckled hoarsely, reaching a shaky hand to his face to push a sweaty tendril of caramel hair back from his cheek. “You okay, Baby?“ she asked softly. “Thought I lost you there for a minute.”

“You did,” Jon nodded. With a happy groan he lowered his body onto hers, trying not to crush her but not possessing the strength to support himself on his arms. He savored the feel of her heart beating against his and of her full breasts pressing against his sweat-slicked chest. Jon dropped his head, his flushed cheek rubbing against Cate’s. “God, Cate…” he sighed into her ear. “I love you.”

The confession slipped from Jon’s lips straight to Cate’s heart. She felt a lump rise in her throat as tears sparkled in her eyes. She smiled and slipped her arms around the barrel of Jon’s chest, hugging him against her. Raising her feet from the floor, she encircled him with her legs, crossing her ankles behind his sweaty thighs and locking him to her.

She squeezed her eyes shut and drew in a deep breath as she realized this was the happiest moment of her entire life. This was the memory of Jon that would live in her heart forever, long after he was gone.

Chapter 132 - Restraint

Jon grinned and let Cate escort him to the side of the huge canopy bed, then turn him until his back was to it. He sat on the edge of the mattress and gave Cate an eager smirk before dropping his gaze to the sheer black stockings tied around his wrists. “Where do you want me?” he asked huskily, looking back to her face. He knew the answer, but he wanted to hear her soft, sultry voice command him.

“In the middle. Lay back, arms out to your sides. Slowly.” Cate directed evenly, the husky note of her voice betraying her arousal.

Jon nodded and shifted on the bed, wincing slightly as he moved. His cock was so hard he didn’t think his erection would ever subside. But he was all for trying to expend it.

Jon slid to the middle of the bed and reclined against the pile of pillows mounded against the headboard. He smiled naughtily at Cate as he silently extended his arms away from his body, resting his nylon-encircled wrists on the pillows near the thick corner posts of the canopy bed.

Cate almost whimpered out loud at the sight of Jon reposed on the bed, every muscle of his upper body defined and on display. His undone Levis had shifted low on his hips with his movement and they gaped open at the waist, the two halves bracketing his steely shaft. Cate licked her lips as she perused his form.

“Cate?” Jon asked softly, pulling her back to him. “I mean, Officer?”

Cate mentally shook herself and returned to the game. “No sudden movements,” she warned as she stepped to the head of the bed.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jon purred as Cate grasped his right hand and pulled it slightly upward. She stretched the nylon stocking from his wrist to the bedpost, pulling hard to to take most of the give out of the fabric band before wrapping it around the thick wooden spindle and knotting it securely. She gave the knot a tug to ensure it would hold. Satisfied, Cate moved around the bed and repeated the action with Jon’s other hand.

“Does that feel okay?” she asked quietly, stepping back and surveying her handiwork. “Not too tight?”

“It’s fine,” Jon answered hoarsely. “It’s… it’s fucking awesome,” he admitted with a dirty grin. “Whatever are you going to do to me NOW, Officer?”

Cate smirked and sat on the edge of the bed, facing Jon. The gold badge on her hip flashed in the light as she shifted, making Jon chuckle. “Well, let’s see. I’m observing some unique identifying marks… those will have to go in the report….” She leaned forward, her bare breast brushing against Jon’s side as she reached out to trace the skull tattoo on his right shoulder. “Tattoo on right arm, appears to be Native American; a steer’s skull,” she observed calmly, as if she was dictating a booking report.

Her gaze went to Jon’s other shoulder. “And shield-shaped tattoo bearing a large ‘S’ on left shoulder…” She purred as she leaned over Jon’s body to reach his Superman tattoo with her fingertips. Cate lowered her gaze to Jon’s neck. “Oh, and a large bruise, approximately two inches in diameter, to right of Adam’s apple….” She chuckled wickedly and lowered her mouth to fit her lips over the mark, soothing it with her tongue.

Jon groaned happily when Cate’s breasts brushed over his chest as she sucked gently at his neck, her hard nipples blazing trails of fire across his sweaty pecs. He involuntarily tugged against his nylon bindings, wanting to move his hands to fondle the luscious mounds.

Cate chuckled at Jon’s little growl of frustration when he remembered his wrists were tethered to the bedposts. She pulled back and gave him a self-satisfied smirk as he twisted his hands to wrap his palms around the nylon bindings, grasping them loosely. Cate groaned softly as she watched his forearms flex with the movement.

“Don’t try it, Mister Bongiovi,” Cate warned. “They may feel soft, but nylon is extremely strong. You won’t be able to break them.”

“Oh, I have no intention of trying to escape,” Jon purred back in response. “You have me right where I want to be. After all, I did commit a crime. And I deserve to be punished.”

Cate chortled at that. Time to turn up the heat. She glanced down at Jon’s denim-clad legs. “Hmmm. I didn’t finish that strip search,” she mused. Turning on her hip, she crawled onto the bed and knelt beside Jon’s legs, her hands moving to his waistband.

Jon sucked in a breath as Cate pushed at his Levis, dragging the waistband lower on his hips. Jon raised his ass from the bed to accommodate her efforts.

Cate chuckled eagerly as she pushed the denim down to the tops of Jon’s thighs, then stopped. She paused for another long moment, evaluating his cock. It was now visibly pulsing with need. “Hmmm… I’m going to have to confiscate that weapon,” she mused.

“It’s yours,” Jon growled breathily. “Take it.”

Cate smirked again. “Not yet. It’s still under positive control, so it can stay where it is, for the moment.”

Jon shook his head. “Yeah, but it’s loaded. In fact, it’s cocked and ready. Never know when it might go off….” His voice was gruff, almost pleading.

Cate chuckled at his dirty pun. “Well, we wouldn’t want that, would we?” She reached out to gently stroke a fingertip up the length of his straining member, watching as Jon’s thighs tensed in response. She stopped just below the ridge of his head, not wanting to trigger his release just yet.

Jon sucked in a sharp breath. “God, Cate… please….” he begged breathily. “Just fuck me already…”

“Not yet,” she repeated, tracing her finger back down his shaft. She chuckled wickedly as her eyes flicked up to Jon’s face and she saw his stricken expression. “You okay?” she asked softly.

“This is police brutality,” Jon whined, the corner of his mouth twisting into a tortured little smile as he shifted his hips against the bed, trying to rub his erection against Cate’s hand.

“That’s a pretty strong accusation, Sir,” Cate replied, trying to sound stern through her smile.

“God, you’ve got me so… so fucking HARD,” Jon panted. “Jesus…”

Cate chuckled. “No, it’s Sullivan. No Hay-zoose here,” she teased.

Cate smiled as Jon gave her another pleading look, his tongue slipping out to swipe across his dry lips. “Do you need to cool down?” she asked, blinking innocently. Cate slipped off the bed and reached over to the nightstand, retrieving the bottle of Corona she had set there. Settling on the edge of the bed, she lifted the bottle to his lips. “Drink,” she half-asked, half-commanded.

Jon complied, taking a long swallow of the tangy beer as Cate raised the bottle for him. The chilly beverage soothed his parched throat, but it did nothing for the throbbing heat between his thighs.

“Taste good?” Cate purred, raising the bottle to her mouth. Jon nodded mutely, watching her lips close around the bottle’s rim as she drank. His dick throbbed as he yearned to feel her lips wrapped around his head.

Cate swallowed her mouthful of beer then shifted on the bed to look down Jon’s body. Smirking wickedly, she reached out toward his waist, the bottle in her hand. Jon gasped sharply as she angled the half-full beer bottle, then laid it across his crotch alongside his cock.

AAAAHHHH!” Jon gasped out, the shock of the cool bottle’s contact with his heated skin shooting through him. “Sweet FUCK, Cate!” he exclaimed, yanking at the nylon tethers restraining his hands. “What are you trying to DO to me?”

Cate turned her head to look at him, a trace of concern in her expression. “Do you want me to stop?” she asked.

“God, NO!” Jon replied quickly. “I just… I…” He was so overwhelmed by Cate’s delicious torture that he wasn’t sure what he wanted. “I want… I want YOU.” He gave her another imploring gaze. “Please…” Jon again twisted his hands against the nylons, wanting desperately to pull her on top of him and bury himself inside her.

Cate’s eyes narrowed even as her heart jumped at his plea. “You said you needed to be punished,” she pointed out, her voice husky.

Jon blinked at her for a moment, processing her words. “I… I think you’ve made your point,” he replied hoarsely.

Cate smiled and pulled the bottle away from Jon’s cock, holding it at an angle as she slid it up his abdomen to his pecs. “Ready to surrender?” she asked softly. She watched his abs ripple as they contracted with the contact of the chilly glass on his skin.

“Yes,” Jon breathed. “I’d wave the white flag if I could.” He wiggled his fingers resignedly.

Cate chuckled and reached over to set the bottle back on the nightstand, then leaned forward to brush her lips against his. “Truce?” she whispered, her tongue tracing over his swollen lower lip.

“Uh-huh…” Jon murmured, raising his head to meet her mouth with his. Cate let Jon kiss her hungrily, indulging his need for intimate contact. She responded, sensuously snaking her tongue in and out of his mouth, stroking his.

After a long, passionate kiss, Cate pulled her face away from Jon. He responded with a sighing whimper, his indigo eyes glowing. Cate smiled seductively, then stood. She walked to the foot of the bed, bending slightly forward over the bench, and placed one manicured hand on each of Jon’s bare feet. She couldn’t resist giving his toes a little tickle, watching him squirm and wince as his eyes squeezed closed, the corners crinkling sexily.

Cate chortled softly and grasped the hems of his jeans, tugging his Levis down over his muscular legs until she pulled them free of his body and dropped them on the floor beside the bench.

“Ohhhhh….” Jon sighed in anticipation, praying that Cate was finally going to give in and fuck him stupid. He watched as Cate stood at the end of the bed for a moment, admiring his, glistening, tensed body. Then she reached out to grasp the bedpost, balancing herself as she stood on one foot and raised the other behind her, reaching down for her black patent stiletto.

“Baby, No!” Jon protested throatily. His objection momentarily startled Cate, causing her to freeze with her hand on her shoe. Her eyes met his, questioning. “Leave the high heels on. Please,” he implored softly.

Cate smiled and lowered her foot to the floor, obliging his request.

Jon let out a little growl and spread his legs as Cate leaned forward and climbed up onto the upholstered bench, then onto the foot of the bed. Smirking wickedly, Cate crawled forward between Jon’s legs, moving her hands, then her knees to either side of his hips until she was straddling him.

Jon strained forward against his ties to capture one of her tight, pink nipples with his lips as Cate settled gently on his lap. He grunted with frustration as Cate levered her torso upright after she seated herself on him, causing her breast to slip from his mouth. Cate chuckled huskily and tightened her thighs around his hips, pulsing her pelvis slightly to rub her satin-covered lips against his cock.

Jon let out a long moan at the feel of her stroking against his shaft. He lowered his gaze to Cate’s panties, overlaid by the white satin garters. His skin tingled with arousal as he felt her silky-smooth stockings rubbing against his hips and thighs and the rigid heels of her shoes scraping against his legs as she flexed against him. “You forgot to take off your panties…” he rasped with frustration, trying to shift his hips under her so his head could find her entrance.

“I did?” Cate feigned surprise with a sultry purr. She looked down at her crotch, then grinned. “I guess you’re right. Sorry, Baby. I thought you wanted me to leave them on too.” She rolled her hips slightly to grind a little harder against his cock.

“No…” Jon groaned. “Those I definitely want gone.” He gave her a half-hearted smile, his frustration now getting the better of him. “They’re sexy and all, but they’d look much better on the floor.”

“Oh…” Cate raised a finger to her lips and rolled her eyes skyward, blinking innocently. “So, keep the shoes, lose the panties?” she asked coyly.

“Yeah,” Jon growled. He was running out of patience. And self-control.

“Ah. I see.” Cate looked at Jon, then smirked. She reached down to pull the gold badge on its leather clip from her hip, then tossed it onto the bed beside them. Her hands moved to her hips, to the paired silver studs embedded in the satin on either side. Jon’s eyes widened as he realized they were snaps. How did I miss those before? He gasped out loud as Cate tugged at the snaps, separating the sides of the panties.

Cate raised herself slightly off of Jon and with a flick of the wrist yanked the piece of black satin from between them, sending it flying toward the floor. She held her position, poised above Jon’s straining cock, as her eyes locked with his. Jon held his breath, unable to move, his eyes blazing. He wanted her more than he could remember wanting anything. EVER.

Cate reached down between them and grasped Jon’s shaft delicately between her thumb and forefinger. Angling it to the correct alignment, she shifted her position slightly until she felt his engorged head pressing into her center. She watched rapture sweep across Jon’s beautiful face as she slowly, agonizingly, lowered herself onto him, drawing him inside centimeter by centimeter.

“OHHHHHHH….” Jon moaned as she took him in. She felt him tense inside her, and she knew he was about to explode.

“Stop.” she commanded, halting her movement.

Jon’s eyes widened in surprise. “I… I can’t…” he gasped. He tried to buck his hips up against her, attempting to deepen his penetration before his climax.

“Stop.” Cate repeated. She sat frozen astride him, barely breathing, not wanting to stimulate him further. “You can cum when I say you can.”

“Goddamnit, Cate… Fuck Me!” Jon’s exasperated growl made Cate smile.

Time to give him what he REALLY wants.

Chapter 131 - Escalation

Cate shook her head, again tsk-tsking at him. “Mister Bongiovi, you don’t want to escalate the situation,” she warned huskily. “I may have to resort to use of an intermediate weapon.” To accent her point, Cate turned and reached for her gear belt at the end of the bench. Jon growled as she bent at the waist, her panties slipping up between her cheeks to reveal the curves of her ass.

Cate pulled her black collapsible baton from its pouch, then turned to face Jon. Grabbing the rounded cap end with one hand while grasping the grip with the other, Cate raised the baton to chest height and snapped it open with a sharp crack. She stood holding the sleek, tapered piece of metal for a long moment, then took a step toward Jon.

“Mister Bongiovi, this baton can be quite painful,” she warned, her voice more sexy than sinister. She stopped in front of him, within arm’s reach had his hands not been restrained behind his back. Jon looked up at her, his eyes wide and blazing.

Cate’s eyes narrowed and she pulled the baton slightly toward her chest, breathing out a little sigh as the cold, sleek metal brushed over her peaked nipples. Jon couldn’t contain an aroused groan at the sight.

Cate smirked again at him, then lowered the club to rest along the outside of her thigh. She paused for a moment, watching his eyes follow the weapon’s movement, then she slowly stalked around him.

Cate moved up behind Jon where he knelt on the floor, straddling his crossed feet. Holding the baton with her right hand, she sank her left hand into Jon’s hair, fisting it in her fingers and tugging firmly. “Up on your knees,” she growled.

Jon silently complied, levering himself upward so that he was standing on his knees, his feet still crossed. His cock stood at attention too, jutting out from his jeans. Cate chuckled as she looked down his front. “Still haven’t disposed of that weapon in your pants, have we?” she asked teasingly. “Well, at least it’s not concealed anymore.”

Jon laughed throatily. “No, it’s not,” he agreed. “It won’t fit in there anymore. I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to put it.” His meaning was clear.

“Mister Bongiovi,” Cate warned sternly. “I’d suggest you let me worry about where to put the evidence.” She tugged again on his hair, tipping his head backward as she leaned down, her breasts brushing against the top of his head. The feel of his silky hair against her warm, bare flesh almost made her sigh aloud.

She continued, a bit more throatily. “In fact, I’d suggest you just concentrate on doing exactly what you’re told.” As she issued the warning Cate moved the baton to rest on Jon’s shoulder, then slowly began to slide it downward into the valley between Jon’s firm pecs.

Jon gasped with surprise at the feel of the cool metal on his skin. He tipped his head back further, leaning back against Cate’s thighs as she guided the club slowly downward, following the vertical ridge of his abs until the bulb-shaped cap touched the base of his cock. “Ahhhhhhhh….” he groaned as Cate pressed gently against the sensitive spot with the baton.

Every neuron in Jon’s body was firing with electricity. The sensation of the cold metal baton against his sweaty skin was almost overwhelming. He felt a little dizzy as Cate began to pull the weapon slowly upward, retracing the path it had taken down his torso.

Jon almost cried out when Cate slid the baton back up over his shoulder, ending the sensuous contact. Her hand left his hair as she straightened. He dropped his chin to his chest, breathing heavily as his pulse pounded in his dick. Jon squeezed his eyes closed as he felt Cate step away from him, then he heard the gentle swish of nylon brushing against nylon as she moved back to her position in front of him.

Unable to keep his eyes from her, Jon raised his head and stared at Cate. His gaze roved greedily over her body, memorizing the sexy vision to fuel his future fantasies. He wanted nothing more than for her to take him, to possess him. He was ready to surrender his body and his soul to her. She could do whatever she wanted. He was hers. No weapons necessary.

Cate watched Jon with a self-satisfied little smile. “You can sit,” she ordered quietly. Jon sank backward again, settling onto his feet with a little sigh. He blew out a puff of a breath, causing his sweaty bangs to ruffle against his forehead. “Are your wrists okay?” Cate asked.

“Fine,” Jon answered huskily. “My cock, on the other hand…”

Cate snickered. “Would be in the other hand if you weren’t restrained,” she couldn’t resist teasing.

“No,” Jon argued. “It would be somewhere else. Somewhere MUCH more pleasurable.”

“Oh?” Cate raised her eyebrows and gave him a challenging look. “So what you’re telling me then, Mister Bongiovi, is that if I am to uncuff you, you won’t behave yourself?”

Jon grinned slyly. “Of course I will,” he lied, shaking his head to the contrary.

Cate sighed dramatically and sank down on the bench, resting the baton across her lap. She stared into Jon’s eyes for a moment, a wicked smile twisting the corners of her mouth. Then she slowly parted her knees, moving her stilettoed feet apart until her thighs were spread wide, revealing the tiny strip of satin concealing her from Jon’s hungry view. The baton slipped from her lap and she caught it by the grip, drawing the rounded cap end slowly up the inside of her right thigh.

Jon swallowed hard as his eyes followed the rounded end of the black metal phallus as it slid up Cate’s thigh toward her pussy. God, she isn’t really going to…. is she? Jon felt a tightening at the base of his balls as the thought took over his mind. Fuck, if Cate masturbated with that baton in front of him he would pass out. After he came all over himself.

Cate watched Jon’s expression as she drew the black metal shaft up her thigh. She knew exactly what was going through his mind; she could read it on his face. And no, she wasn’t ready to watch him cum. She wanted to feel him cum. She smirked dirtily. But first she was going to tease him just a bit more.

Cate quickly flipped the baton by the grip so that it arced upward and came to rest against her chest with a light thud. The steel cylinder settled between her breasts, the rounded end hovering near her chin. Cate smirked again at Jon and puckered her lips into a wet “O”, moving them suggestively toward the end of the baton as her tongue snaked out toward it.

“Jesus!” Jon gasped out. He quickly squeezed his eyes closed and turned his head as he felt his dick tense at the erotic sight. Jon drew in a deep breath and blew it slowly out, counting to ten and willing himself to stop his impending ejaculation. “Christ, Cate…” he hissed. “You can’t fucking DO that!”

Cate chuckled. Sorry, Baby, she thought. But she wasn’t going to say it out loud. She was still trying to stay in character, though she didn’t know how much longer she could contain her own desire.

Cate grasped the baton by its grip, pulling it away from her body. Leaning slightly sideways, she flipped it again in her hand and impacted the cap against the surface of the bench. The baton compacted closed with a loud crack.

Jon jumped at the sound, his head snapping up and his eyes flying open. Cate smiled at his reaction, a little more gently.

“Okay, Mister Bongiovi, I’m going to remove the handcuffs,” she announced, reaching over to slide the baton back into its pouch. She unclipped her key ring from the utility belt and discretely pulled another item out of a pouch beside the key clip. Concealing the item in her hand, she stood and gave Jon a long look. “Will you promise to behave?”

“I’ll do anything you want me to, Officer,” Jon answered sincerely, nodding.

“Good.” Cate moved around beside Jon, leaning down to grasp his arm. She shivered slightly as she felt his muscular biceps under her fingers. “Stand,” she commanded softly. She waited for Jon to rise to his knees, then she helped him to his feet before moving around behind him.

Jon smiled to himself when he felt Cate’s hand slide down his forearm to move his shirt aside so she could get to the lock on the handcuffs. In just a moment he would be able to do what he really wanted to do – grab her, throw her down on the bed, and fuck her until she moaned his name... over and over and over.

“Now, when I unlock the cuffs, do NOT move your hands,” Cate ordered. “Leave them together, behind you.”

What the fuck? Jon wondered, but nodded. “Yes, Officer,” he answered contritely.

He smirked to himself. He’d let her play a little longer, then he would turn the tables on her. After all, she had taught him all he needed to know to take charge of a situation. And as much fun as Cate was having right now, he knew she liked it when he was in control. Like the other night, on the range. The blazing passion in her eyes when he threw her down on the car and took her was unmistakable.

Jon chuckled to himself as he felt Cate unlock first one, then the other handcuff from around his wrists. Obeying her orders, Jon continued to hold his hands together behind his back, though he wanted to pull his arms forward and stretch out his tight lat muscles. He would wait, would play along a little more.

Jon’s eyebrows arched in surprise as he felt something soft and smooth tighten around his wrist. He turned his head to look over his shoulder, trying to see what Cate was doing. “Cate… er, Officer?” he asked. “What… what’s that?”

Cate smiled to herself as she looped the extra set of nylon stockings around Jon’s wrists, ensuring they were securely knotted. She wasn’t about to let Jon completely off the hook yet.

Holding Jon’s wrists together by the tails of the knotted stockings, Cate issued another command as she pushed him forward. “On the bed.”

Chapter 130 - Strip Search

Cate watched as Jon shifted slightly, then settled back into his kneeling position. She gave him a direct look. “Don’t move,” she commanded. Then she turned and strode from the bedroom, leaving him gaping after her.

Cate smiled and chuckled softly to herself, listening to the click of her heels as she crossed the tile floor. She allowed herself this momentary break from her character to revel at her boldness. Yes, Jon had certainly awakened her wild side. And he was definitely benefitting from it.

She strode to the front door, turning the lock and sliding home the deadbolt. Then she moved into the living room, locating the stereo remote and turning on the satellite radio receiver. She smiled when the audio started and she realized Jon still had it tuned to HairNation. She pulled his Blackberry from her pocket and laid it on the sideboard next to the remote. Finally she stepped into the kitchen, pulling a cold Corona from the fridge and popping off the top before heading back to the bedroom.

Jon sat as Cate had left him, watching her through the open bedroom doorway with an amused smirk. Cate closed her eyes for a second, getting back into character. She took a drink from the beer bottle, then set it on the nightstand before walking back to the foot of the bed to stand in front of Jon.

Cate rested her hands on her hips and stared at him for a moment. Jon gazed silently back at her, his chin tipped slightly upward. "Mister Bongiovi,” she said quietly. “What am I going to do with you?” She made a little tsking noise as she slowly shook her head. Her eyes traveled down his chest, glistening with sweat. The sight made her mouth water. Christ, she wanted to lick every inch of that chest.

Her gaze dropped to Jon’s lap and she saw his thick cock bursting out from the open fly of his Levis. Though his erection seemed to have eased a bit, the purple head glistened with its own wet sheen. Jon shifted uncomfortably as his dick responded to her gaze.

“You seem to be in a bit of distress.” Cate observed with a tiny pang of sympathy. “If you start to feel lightheaded or faint, tell me.”

Jon shook his head. “I’m fine, Officer,” he replied huskily. “But you seem to be a bit uncomfortable. Isn’t it a little hot in here for that uniform? I mean, I know how restrictive those vests can be.”

Jon knew damned well she wasn’t wearing her body armor, but he could feel something else when she had pressed up against his back earlier. He was dying to see what it was.

Cate smirked at Jon’s suggestive observation. She nodded slowly. “Well, I did tell you there would be a strip search,” she said thoughtfully, casting her eyes skyward as she pursed her lips teasingly. She paused for a moment, then smiled seductively. “I guess I could strip… then maybe you could search.”

Jon swallowed hard. “That… that works for me,” he croaked.

He sucked in a breath as Cate’s hand went to her gun. She pulled the Glock from its holster and moved back over to the nightstand, laying the gun on the table next to the Corona. Jon noticed the empty slot in the gun’s grip as she placed it on the nightstand. “It’s not loaded,” he observed.

Cate turned and gave Jon a serious look. “You didn’t really think I would play with a loaded gun, did you?” she asked softly, completely out of role.

Jon shook his head and smiled. “No. You’re too careful for that.”

Cate nodded, then the seductive smile returned to her lips as she strolled back toward Jon. She stopped just in front of the bench, posing for a brief moment. Her hand went to the back of her neck and she pulled the pins from her hair, unwinding her long tresses from their tight bun. Jon sighed as he watched the mahogany waves fall over her shoulder, sliding down over her shiny gold badge.

Cate smiled at his response, tucking the hairpins into her pocket before her hands moved to her middle. She slowly undid the buckle of her heavy black leather utility belt, then loosened it from her waist. She hadn’t threaded it through the loops when she dressed, knowing she would want to efficiently dispose of it. Cate dropped the belt on the bench behind her and gave Jon another little smirk as her hands returned to her waist.

She worked the button of her black trousers through its hole, then drew down the zipper. Cate pushed the waistband over her hips, wiggling them slightly until the pants slid down her smooth, nylon-covered thighs. Jon gasped aloud when he saw the white satin garters extending from under the hem of her black shirt, clipped to the top of sheer black stockings.

Cate gracefully sank down onto the bench, slipping first one stilettoed foot then the other out of the trousers that lay pooled on the floor. She gave Jon a sultry look and crossed one stockinged leg over the other, sitting primly with her hands folded on her lap. Jon groaned as his cock throbbed when he noticed the seams up the back of her stockings.

Cate watched Jon for a moment, her eyes drinking in the magnificent sight. His eyes blazed with want, and little beads of sweat dotted his upper lip. His luscious lips were parted as he panted at her, and his silvery-brown chest hair shone with the moisture that slicked his bare torso. It was almost enough to make her want to end this little game and fuck him right now.


With a throaty purr, Cate uncrossed her legs and rose from the bench. Jon’s eyes swept greedily up her legs, which looked a mile long in the high heels and stockings. She stood watching him while she began to slowly unbutton her black uniform shirt, starting with the bottom button and moving up to the next three. She paused and swept back the two sides of the blouse as she moved her hands to her hips, smiling wickedly as she posed for him.

Cate watched Jon’s eyes widen at the sight of the gold badge clipped to the black satin that stretched across her right hip. She chuckled. Her extra facsimile badge had come in handy on many occasions when she worked in the field, but never in a situation quite like this.

She smirked evilly as she slowly turned to her left, rotating so her badge slid past Jon’s greedy gaze. She continued to turn until her back was to him. Taking a step so that her feet were shoulder-width apart, Cate arched her back to tip her buttocks toward Jon, then she looked teasingly back over her left shoulder at him.

She could tell by his throaty laugh that he had read the word emblazoned in white across the back of her panties…. POLICE. Cate chortled to herself, mentally thanking Mandy for making her buy the silly undies.

God… Ca… Officer…” Jon corrected himself with his breathy sigh. This was one Hell of a game he and Cate were playing, and he didn’t want her to break character. She had him more aroused than he could remember being in years. His cock was so hard it felt like it was the size of a damned baseball bat. And he had a pair of hardballs to match.

Jon’s eyes glittered as he stared at Cate, his gaze returning to the white garters snapped to the lacy tops of her black stockings, just inches below the curves of her buttocks. He licked his lips and swallowed hard as he saw Cate raise her hands to her chest.

Her back still to Jon, Cate smirked as she slowly finished unbuttoning her uniform blouse. When she had freed the last button, she twisted slightly at the waist to look back at him over her left shoulder. Cate slowly slipped the shirt off her shoulders and inched it downward, so her upper back was exposed. She paused for a moment, her eyes locking with Jon’s, then lowered her arms and let the shirt slip off her body and to the floor.

Jon growled with lust as he saw the back of her white satin bustier, trimmed with black satin at the top and bottom and in thin vertical stripes along the seams. The white garters trailed from the bottom of the sexy garment, which hugged her trim waist. Jon’s heart throbbed along with his cock as his eyes lingered on the circle and cross tattoo covering the scar on her lower back.

“Turn around,” he whispered pleadingly.

Cate smiled naughtily, then licked her lips. She saw Jon visibly shudder at her action. Then she slowly turned, easing herself around until she stood facing him full-on.

Ohhhhh… Sweet FUCK!!! Jon gasped aloud. The black satin band at the top of Cate’s bustier crossed her torso below her firm, round breasts, pushing them upward and slightly together. Her rosy nipples were tight and perfect, the puckered aeroli a slightly lighter shade of pink. Jon’s eyes lingered for a long moment on the heart and dagger tattoo at the top of her mounded breast as his heart swelled with the knowledge this sexy creature had always been his, even if only in her fantasies.

Cate tossed her head slightly, sending auburn waves cascading over one shoulder and down her front, flowing around her peaked nipple and striping the black and white satin with mahogany. Jon’s gaze greedily drank in the sight of her breasts, then finally traveled down her front, following the line of black satin crossed with black velvet laces that ended just above her belly button. Cate’s little silver navel ring beckoned to Jon, daring him to flick it with his tongue.

He swallowed hard as his eyes continued their downward trek along the white garters that stretched down over the tops of her legs. Cate’s hands were at her sides, resting lightly on her nylon-sheathed thighs. Jon noticed for the first time that her short nails were painted a soft wine color, to match her lip gloss.

Cate stood still for a long minute, letting Jon look at her. Even in her state of undress she felt confident, proud…. powerful. The delight on Jon’s face was proof that he was at her mercy. It felt good.

Her gaze dropped to Jon’s crotch and she took in the sight of his delicious cock, swollen and purplish and wet, surrounded by the soft faded denim of his jeans. If she didn’t get on with this pretty soon, she wasn’t going to get to fully enjoy that most wonderful part of his anatomy. She didn’t want to torture the poor man; just to tease him a bit.

Her plan was obviously working.

“Do you think you can behave yourself if I uncuff you?” Cate asked, her voice a sultry purr.

Jon swallowed hard. “I can’t make any promises,” he rasped. “You look too damned tempting. He paused and grinned devilishly. And I'm a hardened criminal.”

Chapter 129 - Disturbance Call

Jon’s blue eyes sparkled as he chuckled softly, looking Cate up and down. He pushed the button to hang up on Obie, tucking the Berry into his jeans pocket as he stared at Cate.

“Umm…” Jon swallowed another delighted chuckle as he tried to compose himself to play along with Cate’s charade. He didn’t know what the Hell she was up to, but he liked it so far. “What seems to be the problem…. Officer?” he asked, trying unsuccessfully to sound serious.

Cate hesitated for a second before answering. Damn, he looked good. He was wearing that button-up blue work shirt she liked so much, the one with the appliquéd nametag that read “Victor.” And those faded, worn Levis. The button-fly 501s. Cate felt a flush of heat as her eyes lingered on the bulge under those buttons. Good thing her eyes were shielded by her dark sunglasses. She didn’t want her hungry gaze to give away her distraction from her role.

“Sir, there have been some complaints about excessive noise coming from this residence.” Cate replied calmly. “I would be happy to explain further, but I really think you would prefer to discuss this matter inside.” She emphasized the word. “You don’t want other guests wondering why there was a police officer at your door.”

Jon chuckled again. “Certainly, Officer. You’re right. Come in.” He stepped aside so Cate could walk through the door. Hearing the click of her heels against the tile, Jon looked down in surprise. He had been so stunned by Cate’s appearance that he hadn’t realized she was a couple inches taller, standing almost eye-to-eye with him.

Jon felt a heated surge sweep through his groin as he saw the black patent leather pumps peeking out from the hem of her sharply-creased black pants. Sweet Fuck… Jon drew in a deep breath as he realized there must be a reason Cate was wearing those sexy shoes.

Gathering his composure, Jon pushed the door shut behind Cate then stood facing her. “So, Officer…” His gaze dropped to her nametag. “Sullivan.” He raised his eyes to her face again, seeing his reflection in the lenses of her sunglasses. “What exactly was the complaint?”

“Other guests reported loud noises coming from this residence and the surrounding property.” Cate still held a serious expression though the little hitch in her voice betrayed a slight chuckle.

“Oh,” Jon smirked. “And when exactly did these alleged loud noises occur?” He couldn’t wait to see where Cate was going with this.

“Yesterday afternoon and evening,” Cate answered calmly. “The guests who reported the disturbance said they were concerned that someone might be in distress… They heard screams. And moans.”

“Were the alleged voices male or female?” Jon asked.

Cate lowered her chin slightly. “Sir, why don’t you tell me?” she challenged. “Are these allegations accurate?”

“Well, I’m not sure…” Jon hedged playfully. “Can you describe, or maybe demonstrate, the alleged loud noises?”

Cate’s serious countenance almost cracked at that. “I told you, Mister Bongiovi. Screams. Moans.”

“Sure they weren’t prayers?” Jon countered, arching an eyebrow and giving her a smirk. “Like…. Oh, Godddddd….” He let out a breathy moan.

Cate’s voice hardened. “Mister Bongiovi, are you mocking me? Disrespecting an officer of the law?”

Jon snorted slightly as he bit back a laugh at her seriousness. She was doing a pretty damned good job of acting. “Not at all, Officer. I just… well, I was… um... worshipping… yesterday. And last night.”

A tiny hint of a smile curled the corners of Cate’s mouth for a split-second. “Worshipping?” she echoed. “Are you saying, Sir, that you were performing a religious ceremony?”

“Of sorts,” Jon grinned. “Actually, I was participating in a… uh… ritual. With a partner.” He grinned and lowered his voice to a stage whisper. “A naked partner.”

“And were these… naked… ritualistic activities observable by other guests of this hotel?” Cate asked, her voice tightening as she tried to control her urge to laugh.

“Well, I suppose they could have been. My partner was very… enthusiastic, in her worship. I guess that might be what the complainants heard. And she could certainly have called attention to us performing our…. um… ritual.” Jon’s voice was strangled as he tried not to burst into laughter.

“Mister Bongiovi, are you admitting to conducting lewd and lascivious acts in a place in which they might be viewed by the public?” Cate challenged sternly, having gotten herself back under control and in character.

“I… uh….” Jon grinned. “Yeah.” He gave Cate a wink.

“Mister Bongiovi, turn and face the wall,” Cate ordered, her voice stern. “Place your hands against the wall and spread your feet.”

“What?” Jon asked, startled.

“Up against the wall,” Cate barked pointing toward the short wall separating the foyer from the kitchen.

Jon chortled again as he complied with her order, slowly turning his back to her and raising his hands. He pressed them to the wall, leaning into it so his biceps flexed, then shifted his feet so they were shoulder-width apart. He turned his head to look over his right shoulder at Cate, his eyes gleaming with eager anticipation.

“Are you going to arrest me, Officer Sullivan?” he asked not-so-innocently.

“Mister Bongiovi, I advise you not to say anything at this point.” Cate’s voice was still stern and controlled as she tried not to giggle naughtily in response to Jon’s playfulness. Pulling off her sunglasses and tucking them by the temple into her shirt pocket, she stepped up behind Jon.

Cate placed her hands on the sides of Jon’s chest, up under his raised arms, then leaned forward so her breasts pressed against the taut muscles of his back. She moved her lips to his ear, her breath stirring his hair as she spoke. “You have the right to remain silent,” she purred in a husky voice, departing from her cool demeanor. “But I’m gonna make you give up that right.”

Jon felt a shiver run down his spine as he recognized his own words from their steamy patrol car encounter. He grinned with anticipation. Oh, this is gonna be gooood….

Cate drew her hands slowly down Jon’s sides, smirking as she felt him squirm at the tickle. When she reached his waist, she moved her hands forward to deftly unbutton the waistband of his Levis, then to pop open the first two buttons of his fly. Jon drew in a sharp breath as Cate’s hands slipped under the hem of his shirt, her palms pressed against the warm skin of his taut abdomen. He groaned softly as she slid her hands downward in unison, following the vee of his obliques.

God… no underwear… Cate almost groaned herself.

“Umm… Officer?” Jon murmured as his cock jumped at the feel of Cate’s fingertips against the tops of his thighs. “I have some law enforcement training and…” He chuckled huskily. “You’re doing that wrong.”

“What?” Cate growled against his ear.

“That’s not the correct protocol for a frisk,” Jon replied smugly.

“Are you resisting, Mister Bongiovi?” Cate flexed her fingers under the soft denim, her short fingernails lightly scraping against his warm skin. Her sultry voice betrayed her tease.

“Of course not!” Jon grinned. “Officer.”

Cate almost chuckled at his gleeful tone, but kept her cool. She withdrew her hands from Jon’s jeans and stepped back, pulling her body away from his. “Mr. Bongiovi, place your hands behind your back.” Cate’s hand went to the back of her belt, pulling her handcuffs from their leather pouch.

“What?” Jon asked. He felt another lustful surge as he realized just what she was about to do.

“Put your hands behind your back,” Cate commanded firmly.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jon grinned, moving his hands, palms up, to the small of his back. He shivered as he felt the steel circles snap shut around them with a loud metallic rasp.

“Now…” Cate jerked gently downward on the cuffs, causing Jon’s back to arch slightly as his shoulders dropped backward toward her. “Mister Bongiovi, it is in your best interest to cooperate. Do not make any sudden movements, and think before you speak. Anything you say can and will be held against you. And it may make a difference in what I hold against you.”

Jon chuckled at her advisement. “Do I have any rights here, Officer?” he rumbled sexily.

“That depends,” Cate answered in a teasing purr. “We shall see. Now, turn around.”

Cate released her grip on the cuffs and stepped slightly back, giving Jon room to turn to face her. She couldn’t help but give him a little smirk at the sight of his delighted grin. His cheeks were flushed and his indigo eyes glittered with excitement as they met hers. He stood silent, awaiting her further instruction.

Cate reached up to place her thumb gently on Jon’s chin. “Open your mouth,” she commanded softly, pressing lightly against the sexy little cleft. He silently complied, parting his lips and touching his tongue to the roof of his mouth, as she had taught him during training.

Cate smiled wickedly and moved in close as she turned his face slightly to one side, then the other, examining the inside of his mouth. Then she leaned forward, stopping just before her lips brushed against his. Jon groaned at the feel of her warm breath against his mouth as she whispered “Very good, Mister Bongiovi.” The tip of Cate’s tongue darted out to brush the bow of his upper lip, then she leaned back.

Jon remained silent, but returned her smile.

Cate glanced over her shoulder, to the living room. She felt a bolt of excitement shoot through her as she recalled their torrid encounter there yesterday. Not today, she thought. Today her plan required a certain piece of furniture in the other room.

“Mister Bongiovi, come with me,” she commanded, firmly grasping Jon’s left elbow and turning him away from the front door. She led Jon into the main part of the villa and turned left, guiding him toward the master bedroom. She heard him let out a little growl of excitement as she escorted him through the wide double doors.

Cate stopped Jon in front of the fireplace, turning him to face her as she stood in front of the long upholstered bench at the end of the bed. She smirked and stepped up close to him. “I’m going to search you now, for your safety and mine.”

Jon’s cock went stone-hard at the playful tease in her voice and the memory of last week’s search lesson. Cate chuckled throatily at Jon’s expression, not even having to look down to know he was straining against his half-unfastened jeans. “You don’t have any…loaded weapons, do you?” she purred.

“Actually…” Jon replied hoarsely. He drew in a breath as he felt Cate’s hand brush gently over his groin before she slipped her fingers inside his jeans pocket, pulling out his Blackberry. Cate pushed the button to turn off the phone, then slid it into her own pocket. She raised her hand to his chest, lightly stroking her fingertips through the soft patch of chest hair revealed by the open vee of his shirt.

“Hmm. I think a strip search might be in order,” Cate mused. She raised her other hand and slowly began to work the buttons on Jon’s shirt. She felt Jon’s chest rising and falling under the soft fabric, a slight sheen of perspiration slicking his skin. Cate’s eyes went to the white oval patch on his chest. “Mister Bongiovi, what is your first name?” she asked calmly.

“Huh?” Jon was caught off-guard by the question.

Cate snickered. “You surely haven’t forgotten your name,” she teased, raising her eyes to his and giving him a sultry smile. She could see from his dazed expression that it was quite possible he had forgotten his given name.

“John,” he croaked out, then licked his suddenly-dry lips. “John Francis Bongiovi. Junior.” He shuddered involuntarily as Cate undid the last button, then drew one fingertip up the vertical ridge of his abs and between his pecs.

“Did you steal this shirt, Mister Bongiovi?” Cate asked sternly. “It clearly belongs to someone named ‘Victor.’ Or do you have an alias?”

Jon chuckled, understanding now where Cate was going with her line of questioning. “I do have an alias,” he admitted. “But it’s not Victor.” He ducked his head, then gave her an apologetic grin. “I admit it. I stole the shirt. You got me.”

Cate sighed and shook her head at him. “Mister Bongiovi, I warned you that anything you say can and will be held against you. I’m afraid I’m going to have to keep this shirt as evidence.” She smirked and pushed the two sides of the shirt apart, moving her hands up to slip it over his shoulders and down his arms. The blue fabric puddled behind him, draping over his shackled wrists.

Jon groaned appreciatively as Cate slid her hands back up his arms and over his shoulders. She paused at the tops of his pectorals, then curled her fingers and gently raked her nails downward, over the hard muscles. Jon gasped and his eyes fluttered closed as she scraped across his nipples, then continued downward over his stomach. Jon’s abs clenched and rippled as her fingertips slowly traversed each ridge. She drew her hands together at his navel, then paused. Jon opened his eyes and found Cate staring intently at him, smiling naughtily.

Cate’s gaze locked with Jon’s as she inched her right hand downward, following the fuzzy little stripe into the v-shaped gap of Jon’s unfastened fly. Her fingertips found the wiry thatch of hair, then the thick base of his straining member. Jon’s lips parted as he gasped in a shuddering breath at the feel of the back of Cate’s warm hand sliding against the velvety skin of his cock while her fingertips caressed the sensitive flesh at its base. “Goddddd… Baby….” he breathed, struggling to keep his control.

“That’s Officer Sullivan,” Cate corrected him in a teasing-stern growl.

Jon chuckled. “Sorry. Godddd…. Officer Sullivan…..” he purred, losing the battle to keep his gaze focused on Cate’s smoldering blue eyes. His lids slipped closed as his head dropped back, his luscious lips parted as he sighed out a deep breath.

“Hmm. Mister Bongiovi, I seem to have detected a concealed weapon on your person.” Cate turned her hand over to grasp Jon’s shaft in her palm, causing him to let out a little yelp of surprise and snap his head forward. He focused on her smirk as he panted, then gave her a little grin in return.

“I’m… I’m sorry, Officer,” he replied contritely. “I don’t know where that came from,” he shook his head and gave her a wide-eyed, innocent look.

Cate snorted a little chuckle at that, then regained her composure. “Yeah, sure you don’t,” she grinned. She reached down with her other hand and popped open the remaining two buttons on his fly, enabling her to grip him more firmly.

“Actually, Officer,” Jon raised an eyebrow then sucked in a breath as she gave his dick another little pulsing squeeze. “Ahh! I… I think you planted that weapon on me. It wasn’t there when you arrived on my doorstep.”

“Are you accusing me of planting evidence, Mister Bongiovi?” Cate asked sharply. “Are you accusing me of committing a crime? Of being a… a dirty cop?” She couldn’t help herself with that comment. Cate bit down on her lower lip to keep herself from laughing as she smirked at Jon.

“Well, I’m hoping you’re a dirty cop,” he responded saucily. “A very, VERY dirty cop.”

Cate stared at Jon for a moment, then slid her hand up his shaft and out of his jeans. Jon whimpered softly with disappointment at her action. “Mister Bongiovi, it is apparent that you are not going to be fully cooperative,” Cate said, her voice fakely haughty. “I have no choice but to do this. I can’t trust that you won’t resist further.” She gave him a stern look. “On your knees.”

“What?” The word slipped from Jon’s lips in surprise. “You aren’t done searching me yet,” he protested.

“You heard me. On your knees.” Cate commanded. “Don’t make me put you there.”

Jon looked at Cate for a moment, a little worried that perhaps he had done something wrong. But then he saw the playful spark in her swirling blue eyes and he knew she was still role-playing. And Damn, was she having fun with it. His eyes never leaving hers, Jon sank slowly to his knees in front of Cate.

Cate took a step back and smirked again. “Cross your ankles,” she ordered. Jon silently complied, lifting one bare foot over the other. “Sit back,” she directed. Jon did, settling back onto his feet, the fabric of his shirt draping over them and his shackled hands resting against the top of his glutes. He realized that Cate had put him in this position for his comfort more than for control.

His lips curved upward in anticipation of what was to come.

Chapter 128 - Characters

Cate took one last long look in the mirror, turning this way and that, checking to be sure she looked okay. She felt like she was wearing a costume, it had been so long since she had dressed like this.

Cate frowned as she shifted uncomfortably. Seriously, this stuff Mandy had convinced her to buy was more uncomfortable than her body armor. At least her vest was broken in, fit to her form. Cate raised her hands to adjust her breasts under the stiff fabric. Jesus, this thing makes my tits look huge, she thought, then snickered. Well, that’s the idea, I guess.

She reached up to smooth back a couple auburn hairs that had slipped free of the sleek bun at the base of her skull, then stared at her reflection. Looking back at her was a woman she hardly knew, a woman so unlike the one she had seen in the mirror two weeks ago. This one looked… Softer. Sexier. Happier. But there was also a hint of melancholy sadness in the reflection of those blue eyes.

Cate growled at herself. “Stop it,” she commanded, looking away from her reflection. She turned and walked away from the mirror on the closet door, then settled on the edge of the bed. She reached down to pick up one black boot, then hesitated. They went with her outfit, but…. well, they were hardly sexy.

Cate’s lips twisted into a wry smile as she stood and walked back to the closet. Climbing up on a stepstool, she pulled a dusty box from the top shelf. She nudged aside the lid and took out a pair of shiny black patent leather pumps. She chuckled softly as she looked at the shoes. These will work.

Cate carried the pumps over to the bed and tossed them into her open duffel bag. She would put them on when she got to the villa. She took a deep breath and turned to take one last look in the mirror. She smiled again, then made a serious face. Time to get into character, if she was going to pull this off.

Slipping her feet into her comfy, worn flip-flops, Cate grabbed the bag and padded toward the door, flicking off the light as she passed the switch on the wall.


Jon sighed heavily as he glanced at his watch. Quarter after four. He had been talking almost nonstop for over two hours. Thankfully this was the last press call of the day. He was sick of talking about himself.

Jon sipped at his water bottle while he waited for the interviewer on the other end of the line to begin. He knew he hadn’t been the best interview today; since he had spoken to Danny he had been distracted, thinking about Cate and how she would react to his news.

Unfortunately he wouldn’t find out tonight as he had hoped. After talking to Danny, Jon had reluctantly agreed to keep his mouth shut and let the Director disclose the plan to Cate tomorrow, after graduation. He hadn’t wanted for Cate to find out that way; he wanted to be the one to surprise her. But after Danny warned him that Cate needed to be put on the spot, he had begrudgingly decided to follow Danny’s advice. It was more important that his plan succeed, not that he had the pleasure of revealing it. “Jon, you’ve done everything you can,” Danny had told him. “It’s up to her now.”

Jon shook his head slightly as he sighed again. God, he wanted to tell her, to make the sadness he saw in Cate’s smile disappear. But now he wasn’t convinced that his news would have that effect. Now he realized it may bring everything to an end. An abrupt, painful, angry end.

Jon swallowed hard against the lump that threatened to rise in his throat. Well, it’s too late now. It’s done. I’m all in. Nothing left to do but to lay all my cards on the table…

But not tonight. He had promised Cate that tonight would be special, and he was going to do his damndest to ensure that it was. Especially since this may be their last night together. Ever.

He was shaken from his thoughts by the voice on the other end of the line. Clearing his throat and taking one more sip of water, Jon slipped back into Rock Star/Actor mode and launched into his performance once again.

For ten minutes Jon recited the same replies to the same questions he had already answered over and over today. He tried to be lighthearted, but heard his attempts fall flat. After answering an inane “lightning round” of questions about his turn-ons and turn-offs Jon finally, thankfully, closed out the call. Closing his eyes, he groaned as he sank gratefully back against the soft suede of the couch. Jon propped his feet up on the ottoman as he rubbed at his temples, appreciating the silence.

Which was broken exactly one minute later by the ringing of his Blackberry.

“Oh…. FUCK.” Jon sighed, pulling the phone from his belt and raising it to his gaze. He smirked when he saw who was calling, then pushed the button. “What the fuck is it NOW?” he barked playfully into the phone, his voice teasing enough to soften his harsh words.

“Awwww, fuck you too, Boss!” Obie replied. “I quit.”

“You’re fired!” Jon shot back with a grin. “Clean out your fucking desk.”

“I don’t have a desk, you cheap bastard,” Obie groused back. “You keep me locked up in this fucking dungeon of a studio day and night…”

“Yeah, yeah…” Jon cut him off, waving a hand in the air as he spoke. “So, what’s up?”

“Just calling to let you know I talked to John, and we’re good for next Friday at Henson Studios. Booked the whole day.” Jon heard Obie cover the receiver with his hand and say something unintelligible to someone in the room with him, then he returned to the call. “Just the one song?”

“Yeah,” Jon nodded. “Should only take a couple hours.”

“Yeah, right,” Obie snorted. “You fucking perfectionist. ‘That’s not quite right… let’s take it again from the top,’" Obie mimicked, imitating Jon.

“Ha ha. Fuck you,” Jon repeated good-naturedly, knowing his pal was right.

“That’s not my job.” Obie replied. “You have… what’s her name, Police Woman? Cop Girl?”

“Cate,” Jon corrected him. “Her name is Cate.”

“Yeah, her. Ain’t that her job? Or did you make such an ass outta yourself in that getup that she laughed you outta town?”

“Worked like a charm,” Jon grinned proudly. “And don’t you worry about it. I’m doin’ just fine.”

“Yeah, okay,” Obie chuckled. “Good for you, Loverboy. Glad you could finally get a girl to sleep with you, ya ugly bastard.”

Jon laughed at that. Conceding the debate to Obie, he changed the subject. “So, is Richie out in L.A. already…?”


Cate pulled her Mustang into the drive behind Jon’s rental and killed the engine. Glancing in the rear-view mirror, she took a deep breath and grinned sheepishly. She couldn’t believe she was going through with this.

Fidgeting uncomfortably again, she reached over to the passenger seat, into her duffel bag. Cate pulled out the shiny black pumps, then kicked off her flip-flops and pushed open the car door. Swinging her legs out and resting her feet on the concrete drive, Cate eased herself out of the car and slipped the shoes onto her feet. Grabbing her keys, she quietly closed and locked the car door, hooking the keys onto her belt.

Cate leaned down to quickly check her hair and lip gloss in the side mirror, then straightened. Adjusting first her breasts then her heavy belt, Cate took a deep breath and strode for the villa’s front door. She stumbled slightly, momentarily forgetting she was wearing high heels instead of tactical boots. Catching her balance and her breath, Cate moved to the heavy oak door and stood before it.

She hesitated for a moment, arranging her expression to a serious look, before raising her hand and rapping firmly on the smooth wood with her knuckles. Out of habit, Cate’s hand dropped to rest on the grip of her Glock as she waited for the door to open.


Jon was surprised by the knock at the door. Still listening to Obie, he frowned slightly as he hauled himself up off the couch and wandered toward the foyer. His phone still to his ear, Jon turned the lock and pulled open the heavy door.

His eyes widened in surprise and his mouth dropped open at the sight before him. Then a slow grin spread across his face.

Standing on his doorstep was a dangerous-looking, serious police officer, dressed in a crisply-pressed black uniform. A gold badge gleamed on the right side of her chest, opposite a shiny gold nametag on her left pocket, bearing the name “SULLIVAN.” Her hand rested on the gun on her hip, her trim waist encircled by a wide black utility belt laden with gear.

Dark-tinted, pewter-framed aviator sunglasses shielded eyes that Jon was sure were swirling sapphire blue. Her auburn hair was pulled back into a sleek bun, and her full, soft lips glistened invitingly with a light slick of wine-tinted gloss.

“Mister Bongiovi?” Cate said, her voice smooth and professional. “I’m Officer Sullivan. May I step inside?”

Jon grinned wider. “Umm… Hey Man, I’m gonna have to call you back,” he smirked into the phone. “There’s a cop at my door.”

Chapter 127 - Best-Laid Plans

As soon as Cate walked through the armory doorway she was met by a grinning blonde rock star. Pushing the door shut behind Cate, Jon pulled her into his arms and kissed her soundly. Cate giggled against his lips as she wrapped her arms around his waist, the ammo can in her hand rattling slightly as it bounced against his firm buttock.

“Mmmmm… I’ve been waiting for an hour to do that,” Jon growled after their lips parted.

“Yeah, I was thinking about that too,” Cate admitted before Jon’s lips found hers again. “But Baby…” she murmured between Jon’s kisses. “I really do… have to go to… graduation practice. And you might as well… come with me. You can see the auditorium.”

Jon sighed, pulling his face back to smile at Cate. “Okay. I just have to be back at the villa by one. I have a conference call scheduled, then I have press calls.” Jon rolled his eyes and sneered with distaste. “I fucking HATE press calls.”

“Sorry, Babe. You chose to be the rock star,” Cate chuckled without pity. “The price of fame.”

“Uh huh,” Jon sighed, releasing Cate as she gently pushed away from his grasp and walked over to the cleaning table, setting the ammo can down beside Jon’s Glock. “What time can you come back tonight?” he asked hopefully.

“Probably not ‘til around six,” Cate answered. “I have a bunch of stuff to do at the office then I need to go home and pick up some clothes, if you want me to spend the night again.”

“Of course I want you to stay tonight,” Jon replied, moving over to stand close behind Cate. “I want you to stay every night.” His hands slid around her waist, pulling her back against him.

“Tonight is every night,” Cate answered quietly, dropping her gaze to her hands as she picked up the Glock. It’s the last night. Our last night. She felt a stab of pain in her heart at the thought.

Jon read her mind. “Tonight is going to be special, Cate,” he vowed. “I have a nice, romantic dinner planned…” He trailed off, not wanting to hint at his news just yet. He would have confirmation very soon.

Cate turned in Jon’s arms and raised her eyes to his. He saw the sadness there, in the deep azure pools. Hang on, Baby, he thought. Just a little longer, then you won’t have to be sad. Promise. He gave her a gentle smile and dropped another kiss on her soft lips. “You’ll see,” he promised.

Cate nodded, returning his smile, then handed him the Glock. “Get started,” she commanded.

Cate put away the supplies and checked the locks on the weapons lockers while Jon cleaned the pistol, then they exited the armory together. Cate excused herself to return the cruiser to its space while Jon chatted and posed for pictures with Shelby, Leanne, and the crew. Once Cate had secured the cruiser and set the alarm for the armory door, she and Jon finally escaped to the solitude of Cate’s Mustang.

They held hands and chatted quietly about tomorrow’s graduation during the drive, then spent a half-hour at the auditorium. As he listened to Bobby explain the order of events, Jon was glad Cate had thought to bring him. It was always easier to perform when the conditions were known. It wasn’t like he was going to have a chance to do a soundcheck, after all.

After the practice Cate dropped Jon off next to his rental SUV in the headquarters building parking lot. Jon stole a brief kiss from her before climbing out of the Mustang and heading off to his afternoon commitments.

Cate arrived at her office to find a mailbox overflowing with paper, a full voicemail box, and over 300 e-mails awaiting her attention. After scrubbing off her thick makeup, she settled in at her desk with a cold Diet Coke and a heavy sigh. Cate tried to focus on the tasks at hand as she shuffled through her mail, sorting and discarding.

But as she worked her mind kept drifting to Jon. Little flashes of memories flitted through her brain as she tried in vain to concentrate: his gentle smile… his lips nuzzling at her neck… his voice in her ear, daring her to shed her clothes… his arms wrapped tight around her as the hammock swayed with the rhythm of their lovemaking… his soft cheek against her thigh… his lips and mouth moving over her as he brought her to ecstasy… his steel-hard cock sliding inside her, filling her so perfectly…

Realizing she was breathing hard, Cate tossed her pen on the desk and leaned back in her chair, staring at the ceiling. How the Hell was she going to be able to do her job next week when he was….


The word knifed through her, ripping her apart. In a day, in a mere twenty-four hours, Jon would be gone. And she would never be the same again.

Cate angrily blinked away the tears that formed in the corners of her eyes. Stop it! she ordered herself. This was your choice. You have to let it go. You have to let HIM go. She took a deep breath, then leaned forward and took a gulp of Diet Coke.

Cate stared glumly at the pile of papers on her desk for a moment, then turned her gaze to the clock on her office wall. Ten of one. Jon would be back at the villa, preparing for his conference call. He didn’t have time for her right now anyway. She needed to get some of this work done, so next week she wasn’t behind before she even started.

Cate’s eyes traveled around her office, trying to focus on something – anything – that would distract her from thoughts of Jon. But everywhere she looked there was a reminder of him. She saw him in her doorway, on her couch, in the chair in front of her desk…. Fuck, she was going to have to move out of this office now. His ghosts were everywhere.

Cate’s eyes swept over the photos on her “I Love Me” wall. She remembered Jon’s comments about them the day they had met. It was only eleven days ago, yet somehow a lifetime. Cate’s gaze lingered on the photo of six grinning women in black police uniforms, posing proudly with their arms crossed, ready to take on the world and kick some ass. Cate smiled at the memory of that day. It had been a long damned time since she had worn those blacks. That was another lifetime ago.

Cate’s mind flashed back to the sight of Jon standing in the doorway to the bedroom, dressed in black leather and spandex and denim. She felt her pulse quicken in response to the memory. “Let me be your fantasy, Baby…” she could hear his whiskey growl in her ear, even now.

A smile crept to Cate’s lips as an idea formed. Why not? she thought. After all, it will be my last chance... and it will give him a memory.

Cate regarded the piles of work on her desk for a long moment. “Fuck it,” she finally mumbled, reaching for the phone. There was no way she was going to be able to concentrate today. Cate punched in the number from memory and waited until she heard the familiar voice on the other end of the line.

“Hey Mandy, what’re you doing for the next hour? I need a second opinion….”


Cate sighed as she stood at the rack, sliding the hangers from one side to the other. This wasn’t easy at all. She had no idea what she was doing here.

How about this?” Mandy called, from the next rack over. She held up a filmy yellow nightie.

Cate wrinkled her nose and shook her head. “Looks like a banana.”

Mandy rolled her eyes, hooking the hanger back onto the rack. “Got something against fruit, do ya?” she teased.

Cate chuckled to herself, remembering Jon’s comment during their steamy shower at the office, about being willing to smell like a fruit basket if she would nibble on his berries. “Not at all,” she replied. “I just don’t look good in yellow.” She tossed her auburn ponytail and smiled.

“Good God, Woman,” Mandy replied. “Do you really think it’s going to matter? It’s not like you’re gonna be wearing it for long.” She sighed and moved over to stand beside Cate, evaluating the garments her friend had already passed over.

Mandy had gladly foregone her late lunch hour to meet Cate at the swanky little lingerie store on Sea Island. She had enjoyed having Jon in her class yesterday, even though he had been clearly distracted throughout the lesson. Mandy knew he was counting the minutes until he and Cate could be alone.

When Mandy received Cate’s call today, asking her to help pick out a “surprise” for Jon, she had fought back the urge to ask for details about Jon & Cate’s night together. Things had obviously gone well, if Cate was shopping for lingerie. Good thing; the woman seriously needed to spice up her boring underwear drawer.

“So do you have anything in mind?” Mandy asked. “I mean, shit, give me something to work with here. You going for romantic and classy? Or dirty and whorish?” She grinned. “I think I know which one Jon would prefer.”

Cate blushed slightly as she smiled back at her friend. “I’m not sure. I… I want to give him a… well, a fantasy night. Something he won’t forget.” She looked at the floor, then smirked back up at Mandy. “Like he did for me last night.”

Mandy’s brows raised as she grinned in response to Cate’s comment. “Oh? Jonny do something special?” She had a feeling she knew what it was. And how Cate had reacted.

“You mean Pirate Jonny? Hmmm. Wonder where he got that idea?” Cate asked sarcastically. She chuckled. “Thanks, by the way. My GOD, thank you!”

Mandy laughed at Cate’s answer. “You’re welcome. Just doing my part to help things along.” She dropped her voice. “So? Did he do the whole deal? Leather? Hoops? Bandana?”

“Oh, yeah. Leather laceups, skull bandana, gold hoops… and the New Jersey jacket,” Cate answered, nodding.

“Oh, Godddd….” Mandy groaned. “You lucky bitch. Good thing for you I love you so much.”

“Lucky for me,” Cate agreed. “Damned lucky.”

"And now here I am, setting you up again,” Mandy teased. “But you gotta help a Sistah out! What are we looking for here? What’s the fantasy?”

“Well… I have this idea…” Cate began, then explained to Mandy what she had in mind. When she was done, Mandy’s grin stretched ear-to-ear.

“Girlfriend, he’s NEVER gonna forget THAT!” she laughed. “And I know exactly what you need.” She grabbed Cate’s hand and pulled her toward the back of the store, to a rack filled with black and white satin and lace.

As she led the way, Mandy smiled to herself. Maybe Cate was finally realizing what Jon had been trying to tell her for the past week… that they belonged together. Maybe he was finally getting through.


Danny grabbed the stack of papers and envelopes from his mailbox in the admin office, frowning at the size of the pile. He had just finished a morning on the range with the newest class of students, and he was looking forward to a quiet afternoon of paperwork. Well, not necessarily to the paperwork, but to a quiet afternoon.

As he wandered out into the hall, thumbing through the pile, Danny heard the rumbly Southern twang call from the Boss’ office.

“Hey Danny – ya got a minute?” Floyd asked.

“Sure, Boss. What’s up?” Danny stepped through the doorway into Floyd’s spacious office.

As usual, Floyd was reclining in his chair, feet propped up on his desk. He peered at Danny from over top his reading glasses, a blue folder open on his lap. He watched as Danny dropped into one of the chairs in front of his desk. Flipping the folder closed, Floyd held it out to Danny. “Take a look at this.”

Danny took the folder from Floyd’s hand, giving his boss a questioning look. Tossing his inbox stack on the empty chair next to him, Danny opened the folder, taking a moment to read the words on the top piece of paper. He glanced up at Floyd. “Cate’s promotion came through.” Floyd nodded, a serious look on his face. Danny frowned at his expression. “You were expecting this, right?”

“I was. I just wasn’t expecting the rest of it,” Floyd answered. He tipped his head toward the folder. “The other pocket.”

Danny’s brow furrowed as he pulled the document out of the left-hand pocket. He scanned the front page, then drew in a breath as he flipped to the next page. Floyd watched Danny’s eyes widen slightly as they traveled over the text. After he scanned the first three pages, Danny dropped the papers onto his lap and looked back at Floyd, his lips pressing together into a firm line.

“You didn’t know anything about this, did you?” Floyd asked, nodding again toward the folder.

“No,” Danny responded. He looked down again, at the contract in his hands.

“What do you think she’s gonna do? Floyd asked quietly.

Danny shook his head. “No idea,” he answered honestly. “Shit.”

Floyd chuckled at Danny’s reaction. “That’s what I thought.” He reached for his ever-present coffee cup and took a sip, watching as Danny flipped through the pages, his lips moving silently as he speed-read the clauses. “You can’t say anything to her,” Floyd warned Danny in his quiet drawl. “The Director wants to tell her himself.”

Danny looked up in surprise. “The Director?”

Floyd nodded. “I shouldn’t even be telling you. But I wanted to know if you had any idea about this. If Jon had said anything to you.”

Jesus, Danny thought. That ballsy sonofabitch. Jon didn’t seem interested in heeding any advice Danny had given him lately, especially about Cate’s career. And look where it had gotten him earlier this week. He blew out a long breath. “No,” he replied, shaking his head slowly. “He didn’t say a word to me.”

“Do you think he told Cate?” Floyd asked.

Danny shook his head more vigorously in response. “No. No way. She would have told me.” Hell, I would have had to scrape her off the ceiling, he thought. He was absolutely certain Cate didn’t know about this little conspiracy in which Jon had apparently been engaging with the Director.

“It would be a good thing for her,” Floyd observed calmly. “A really good thing.” His eyes met Danny’s and they exchanged a look, then a nod.

“Yeah, it would,” Danny agreed, smiling slightly for the first time despite his concern. “But you know her, Floyd. She’s cautious. Too damned cautious sometimes.”

“I know,” Floyd agreed. “That’s one reason you can’t tell her. This is a one-shot deal. She’s going to have to make up her mind quick. No time to think about it.”

Danny nodded. “If she just trusts her gut, she’ll do the right thing. It’s when she overanalyzes that she gets herself into trouble.” He was silent for a moment, then swore. “Shit. I hope to Hell Jon isn’t planning to tell her.”

“Do you think he will?” Floyd asked. He smiled slightly. He had no doubt Jon and Cate would be spending some time together tonight, his last night here at the Center.

Danny snorted. “It wouldn’t surprise me.” Since he hasn’t listened to another damned thing I’ve told him.

Floyd shook his head slightly. “He can’t do that,” he said quietly, his direct gaze telling Danny exactly what he meant.

“I’ll take care of it,” Danny replied. He slid the papers back into the folder, then handed it back to Floyd. “Right now.”

“Good Man, Danny,” Floyd rumbled. “Thanks.” He chuckled and shook his head. “Our Catie. She’s really somethin’ else, ain’t she?”

Danny smiled. “Yeah. She really is. And we’re not the only ones who noticed.” The men sat in silence for a second, then Danny picked up his papers and stood. “I’ll take care of it, Boss.” He turned and strode for the door, pulling out his phone as he walked.


Jon rolled his eyes and took a drag on his cigarette as he listened to the voice emanating from the hotel phone’s speaker. This fifteen-minute conference call had been dragging on for 45 minutes now. He checked his watch again and saw that it was nearly time for him to begin his schedule of press calls. At least he would have an excuse to get off the line with the tour promotions people.

Jon almost snarled as he felt his Blackberry buzz again on his hip. He had received at least ten text messages in the last half-hour. He had purposely ignored them, not wanting to be distracted from the conference call. But now that the suits and lawyers were bogged down in mind-numbing minutiae he really didn’t care whether he was following or not.

Sliding the phone from its holster as he clenched the cigarette between his lips, he lowered his head to read the screen. He was surprised to see the last several messages were from Danny, not from Cate or from one of his kids, as he expected. Jon pushed the button to read the most recent text as his other hand pulled the cigarette from his lips. He exhaled a long stream of smoke as he read Danny’s message.

[1:48 p.m.] Tried to call but got vmail. Floyd told me about ur plan. DO NOT TELL CATE. Know u will see her 2nite. If u want to have chance in HELL, u cant tell her b4 tmrw. Let Dir do it. Call me ltr.

Jon’s eyes widened at Danny’s message, then he shook his head. Fuck. He was surprised at the commanding tone of the text. Jon felt his stomach clench at Danny’s warning. Danny knew Cate better than anyone else on the planet, and if he was worried how Cate may react to what Jon had to tell her… well, that couldn’t be good.

Damnit, Jon swore to himself. He had been looking forward to sharing his news with Cate tonight, over a romantic dinner. But maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

“Listen, guys…” Jon announced to the voices on the other end of the conference call. “I gotta go. I have press calls in a few minutes. Figure this stuff out, then get back to me.” He listened with half-attention as the callers agreed. “Okay, bye,” Jon responded shortly before punching the button to terminate the call. A second later he was pushing the button on his Blackberry to call Danny.

Chapter 126 - Just Shoot Me

The sound of Leanne clearing her throat turned Jon and Cate’s attention back to her. She gave them a perky smile. “Okay, I’d like to get some footage of the two of you shooting the guns, if that’s okay.”

“Sure,” Cate answered. “We can fire the weapons.” Jon chuckled softly as Cate emphasized the proper terminology, subtly reminding Leanne that this was her territory. “What course would you like us to fire?” Cate gave Leanne a big smile, knowing the blonde reporter had no earthly idea how to answer that question.

Shelby came to Leanne’s rescue. “We-yell Cate… maybe y’all could do the Practical Pistol Course. That’s the one with the fancy one-handed shooting, right?”

Cate snickered at Shelby’s description. “Yeah, that’s the one with the weak and strong-hand shooting, but there’s no prone or barricade. Everything else is just standing.”

“Oh. We-yell…. Could you just do some of each?” Shelby asked. She turned to Leanne, who was staring blankly at Jon, utterly confused. “Honey, you want some action, right? Not just Mister Bon Jovi standing and aiming at a target.”

Leanne understood that. “Yes,” she nodded. “And I’d like some footage of Cate teaching him, too.”

“Well, most of the teaching is just me standing beside him and watching, then critiquing,” Cate replied. “Not very exciting.”

“Oh,” Leanne said, sounding disappointed.

“What?” Jon asked, feigning surprise. “You mean all those times you grabbed me and pressed up against me and pointed my gun you weren’t teaching me?” He gaped at Cate with fake astonishment. “I feel… violated!”

Oh Good Grief. Cate gave Jon a long look, catching the merry twinkle in his eyes. He was having way too much fun with this.

“Yeah, Cate. How about we do some video of you helping guide Mister Bon Jovi’s aim?” Shelby jumped on the bandwagon. “Ah’ve seen you instructors do that to students.”

Cate colored slightly as Jon gave her a big grin. “I’m game!” he agreed cheerfully.

“Oh, alright,” Cate relented. She had hoped to keep a professional distance from Jon during this taping, and he knew it. She wasn’t sure she could conceal her familiarity with him if she had to touch him, especially with full contact. She knew his body too well now; it would be hard to treat Jon like just another student. Cate couldn’t trust her own body or her expression not to betray their intimacy. And the last thing she needed was for the world to see her affection for him, in high-definition digital media.

“And hey… how about after that you pull the cruiser around and they can get some shots of us doing our thing with the lights going?” The double meaning of Jon’s gleeful suggestion made Cate blush even more deeply. He gave her another big, shit-eating grin.

“Yeah! I like that idea!” Leanne interjected. “Cate, would it be possible to get some footage of you and Jon with the police car?”

Jon couldn’t stop his laughter at that. Cate shot him a dirty look as he chuckled merrily. He knew she was mentally flashing back to her triple-check of the video recorders to be sure there was no record of their tryst on the hood of the cruiser.

“Sure,” Cate mumbled, turning away from Leanne and heading for the armory. “Let me get the keys.” She quickly moved for the door, leaving Jon to chuckle at the confused women. She retrieved the keys then strode back past the group, giving Jon a little glare. She couldn’t believe he was so overtly teasing her. But her glare softened as she saw the sweet affection in his gaze when their eyes met.

Cate raised the bay door on the side wall of the range and walked through it to the lot. She climbed in the cruiser, pausing for a moment to take a deep breath and collect her composure, then turned the key in the ignition. She pulled the big Crown Vic through the roll-up door onto the gravel range, pointing it toward the far end. Cate couldn’t resist flicking on the lights and hitting the siren. She smirked when she saw Leanne visibly jump at the loud whoop.

After positioning the cruiser Cate dismounted the vehicle and opened the doors. She gave Jon a long look as he grinned at her, his gaze flicking to the hood and back. Cate felt her cheeks again flush as her womb clenched at the memory of Jon slamming her down against the warm metal and taking her.

“Load up,” Cate instructed Jon as she moved over to him. “Two and two.” Jon nodded and walked over to the ammo can Cate had left near position fourteen. He crouched beside the can and took four full magazines from it, then stood. Jon slipped one clip into the pouch on his belt, tucked two more into the pocket of his jeans, and loaded his Glock with the fourth.

Cate turned to the little group behind them. “You’re going to need eye and ear protection,” she announced. “Wait here.” Cate walked into the armory and returned a moment later carrying a small box containing earmuff-style padded ear defenders and plastic shooters’ glasses. She distributed them to Shelby, Sammy, Leanne, the cameraman, and the makeup girl, who had come out of the office to watch the show. After ensuring they had properly donned the protective equipment, Cate took over.

Jon chuckled as he watched Cate direct Leanne and the cameraman where to stand to remain safe while shooting their video footage of the firearms training. The cameraman was obviously an experienced professional, and he bristled slightly at Cate’s orders though he didn’t argue with her. Leanne was only too happy to follow Cate’s commands, her eyes wide and her expression serious.

Cate walked over to Jon, stopping so her back was to the group. “So, you ready?” she asked quietly.

Jon smiled. “Yep.” He lowered his voice to a murmur. “Just wanted to have a little reminder of the ‘training’ we did here the other night.” He glanced to the patrol car and back. “So when we watch this piece in the future, we’ll remember. It’ll be our dirty little secret.”

Cate couldn’t help but smile at that. “Like I’m gonna forget,” she breathed in reply.

Jon chortled agreeably. “Let’s get this done, okay? I’m already sick of these people.”

Cate nodded. “Amen.” She turned back toward the group. As she moved she again heard Jon’s teasing voice, loud enough for the benefit of their audience. “And no grabbing my ass this time, okay, Teach?”

Cate closed her eyes and bit back her reply as she heard the laughter. Professional. Be professional, she reminded herself silently.

For the next thirty minutes Cate put Jon through several firing exercises for the benefit of the cameras. They first simply fired downrange at the targets Cate had pre-set, then they did prone and over-barricade shooting. After the cameraman was satisfied with the footage he took of those activities Cate and Jon moved over to the patrol car and performed some drills with the lights engaged. Jon grinned throughout the exercise, giving Cate a little leer as he leaned across the hood and aimed his Glock downrange.

After finishing with the car as a prop, Cate and Jon again moved back to their positions on the firing line. This time Cate holstered her Glock and stepped up close beside Jon. “Stop smiling,” she ordered softly. “You’re supposed to look like I’m correcting you, like you suck at this.” She teased him a little with her last comment as she reinserted her earplugs.

Jon rumbled a little chuckle in response. “I may suck at this….” he started to brag.

“Shhh!” Cate cut him off. “You’re an actor, right? Get in character.”

Jon gave her one more smile and nodded. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment, his expression sobering. “Okay,” he announced, opening his eyes. He shifted his feet to a bladed Weaver stance and moved his hand to the pistol’s grip as he stared downrange at his target. “Ready.”

“Draw and aim,” Cate ordered quietly. She watched as Jon followed her direction, smoothly unholstering the Glock and pushing it forward toward the target. His muscular forearms bunched deliciously as he held his aim.

“Good,” Cate responded. “Now, pretend you can’t hit a fucking thing.” Jon snorted a chuckle, the corner of his mouth curling slightly upward.

Cate stepped forward to Jon, molding herself against his side as she rested her cheek against his left shoulder and looked down his extended arm toward the gun’s back sight. Her left arm raised to press alongside his as her fingers wrapped around his hand on the pistol’s grip. Jon let out an almost inaudible, happy sigh at the feel of Cate’s right hand at the small of his back, her fingers hooking under his belt, against his skin.

“Keep that up and something else will be pointing,” he teased under his breath. He felt Cate choke back a chuckle and couldn’t help but smile slightly. Damn, it felt good to have her here beside him, her breasts pressing against his ribs, her heartbeat pulsing against his muscles, and her soft yet strong hand wrapped around his.

“Okay, fire,” Cate commanded softly. “Double taps, until you finish the mag, then hold. No recovery.”

Jon nodded slightly then narrowed his gaze as he focused on the gun’s sights. He squeezed off a series of shots toward the target, savoring the feel of Cate’s body pushing against his, steadying him with each recoil. We fit together perfectly, he thought for the second time this morning.

Cate and Jon held their pose for a moment after he fired his last round, then she lowered her hand from his and stepped slightly away, unmolding herself from Jon’s side but leaving her other hand tucked against his back. At her command he dropped the muzzle of his weapon, performed a recovery scan as Cate had taught him, and reholstered the Glock. Jon turned his face to Cate’s and their eyes met. They exchanged a little smile, then Cate pulled her hand from his belt and stepped further away.

“That work?” she asked Leanne, turning to give her a little smile.

“That’s great!” Leanne replied enthusiastically, happy she finally had gotten a tidbit of close interaction between Jon and his female instructor. She would be able to use the footage as a tease for the piece. After all, their viewers would be more interested in the “new woman” in Jon’s life than they would be in the training he was receiving.

Jon turned to face the group as well, pulling out his earplugs and letting them dangle from their cords around his neck. “We done?” he asked, his tone making it clear that he was finished with this interview.

“Umm….” Leanne hesitated, her gaze flicking from Jon to Cate to her cameraman and back. She wanted to continue the interview, to try to get some juicy, exclusive morsel of information about Jon’s real relationship with Cate. They were obviously very comfortable with each other, telling Leanne that they had become friendly during their time working together.

Cate read Leanne’s expression and intervened. “Jon, we need to get moving,” she announced, checking her watch. “You have to be at graduation practice in about twenty minutes.” She gave him a direct look, silently telling him to play along.

“Oh, yeah.” Jon nodded, taking the hint.

“Graduation?” Leanne asked. “Will there be a ceremony for the end of your training?” She looked at Shelby questioningly. It was obvious she wanted an invitation to cover Jon’s commencement ceremony.

“No,” Cate chuckled. “He’s just a visitor here. We have a class of real agents graduating tomorrow. Jon has graciously agreed to sing at the ceremony.” She gave Jon a little smile. “It’s a closed event,” she added quickly as Leanne opened her mouth. “Families, invited guests only. Sorry.”

“Oh.” Leanne looked crestfallen. “Okay.”

“We don’t allow press coverage or even publication of photos of our new agents,” Cate explained. “It’s to protect their identities. Some of them will go to field assignments where they may work undercover or in sensitive positions. It’s a security precaution.”

Leanne nodded. “I understand,” she said unenthusiastically, then gave a little smile. “Well, thank you for your time today.”

Cate returned her smile and extended her hand to Leanne. “Nice to meet you,” she said, a little more kindly.

“You too, Cate,” Leanne shook Cate’s hand, then beamed as Jon stepped up to take her hand.

“Thanks, Doll,” he said quietly, leaning in to kiss her cheek. “It’s been a pleasure.” Jon gave Leanne a wink and flashed her his megawatt grin, causing Leanne to blush and giggle. Cate chuckled softly at her reaction. She knew exactly how Leanne felt.

“Jon, give me your weapon and I’ll clean it and put it away,” Cate said, holding out her hand. She decided the least she could do is give Leanne a couple more minutes to drool over Jon.

“I’ll do it,” Jon replied. “You’d make other students clean their own guns, right?”

“Yep,” Cate replied.

“Okay then. Far be it from me to shirk my student responsibilities,” Jon grinned, his eyes twinkling at Cate as he spoke. She saw in his gaze just why he was so eager to perform the mundane task.

“Well get to it, then,” Cate chuckled. “We gotta hurry.” She tipped her head toward the armory door.

“Yes, ma’am!” Jon raised his hand to his forehead in a goofy salute, then excused himself and headed into the armory.

“Shelby, I’ll take Jon to graduation practice,” Cate said, moving over to retrieve the ammo can. “You can go ahead and take care of the crew here.” She smiled sweetly. “That way you don’t have to worry about him. He has some things scheduled for this afternoon, so I’ll see that he gets back to his car, too.”

“Okay,” Shelby replied, a note of disappointment in her sweet drawl. “Thanks, Cate.”

“My pleasure,” Cate smiled, chucking inwardly. Quite literally. She turned and strode for the armory, following Jon’s path.