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This story is one that has been rattling around in my head for a couple years now. It was inspired by a real-life celebrity encounter I experienced in the line of duty, and just kinda grew from there. Many of the places and some of the people I describe in this story are real, but the tale itself is pure fantasy.

This link will take you to the first chapter; from there you can navigate using the "newer post" buttons at the end of each chapter or using the archive on the left.

I dedicate this story to some truly phenomenal women. First, to the She-Cop Sisterhood. You Gals are my partners in crime, my confidants, and my dearest friends. Second, to the woman who inspired me to dive headfirst into the world of Jovi FanFic. Hath, your kindness and generosity are beyond compare. You are TRULY a Goddess. Finally, to all the women of law enforcement, everywhere. Thank you for your dedication, and for all you sacrifice to protect and serve. For all of you who have ever drifted away into a little fantasy during a long, boring shift, this one's for you!


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